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TPFTZ FOOD JUNC INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD is a leading supplier of tomato products in China and supply over 50,000 metric tons tomato products for all over the world per year, we do wish our quality products , competitive price and top service can be your reliable resources in the future ! We have different specifications from barrels 240kg, wooden bins 1330kg and tinplate packaging 4.5kg, 3kg, 2.2kg, 850g,800g,400g, 21 0g, 70g .... Our products is suitable for both industrial and household. We have ou





  • In mid August 2014, the Shenzhen City Commercial Retail Industry Association Shenzhen City Franchise Association selected [2013-2014 annual support industry development Contribution Award], a total of 13 companies selected. The company is h...

  • Recently, CO sponsored by the Shenzhen Special Administrative Region newspaper and Shenzhen City Food Industry Association and other seven Association, aims to improve the level of food safety, promote the food brand construction, raise pub...

  • The litchi orchard base in , just ripe I and small partners to be picked off. A few minutes later, we were transported to the processing plant litchi for professional medical, health and we are here for picking, packing. Wow, good happy ah,...

  • nbsp; the League Central Committee, the Ministry of Agriculture organized by the ldquo; the postal savings bank of China Youth Cup rdquo; agricultural entrepreneurial wealth of the contest since the launch, the country more than 37000 enter...

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